Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the boat leave from?
The boat leaves from Buba Wuba's Grill and Smoke Shack.  CLICK HERE FOR A MAP!

What time does the boat leave?
For our day charters including our Snorkel and Sail tour the boat departs at 9:30. Please be ready with your snorkel gear or let us know if you will need to rent. For our Sunset Sail the boat departs at 4:00.

Which locations will we be snorkeling at?
That’s a tough question. We typically sail out to the Lark Caye Range, Bugle Cayes, Scipio, Colson, Logger Head or Saddle Caye. In the end it depends on the weather, the wind, recent conditions, etc. We want to make sure you have a great time so we go to sites that are calm with reef life and fish. All of them are within the barrier reef and within an hour or so. We do not go to Silk Cayes.

When does the boat come back in?
On our Day Sails, we shoot for being back around 3:00pm but that is somewhat variable. For the Sunset Sailing we plan to back at the dock after sunset . We would not recommend booking another activity too close to either time. Relax and enjoy your time!

What should we bring?
Sunscreen! The sun can be brutal and with the wind blowing you don’t realize you are getting burnt. Remember your snorkeling gear or rent ours. You may also want to consider the following: hat, sunglasses, your camera, towel, book, a good attitude.

What is provided?
On our Snorkel Sails we provide water, some sodas, juices, rum and vodka drinks, and lunch. On our Sunset Sails we provide wine, cheese, beer and rum and vodka drinks. On every cruise we also strive to provide good music and a great time.

What is beyond yours and our control?
The breeze, weather, sunshine, manatee sightings, double rainbows, solar eclipses and Kraken are all beyond our control.

Do you like living in Belize?
Yes! We have been living here for over 12 years. The people are fantastic and the weather is great.